What we do

Sim Packs

Readily available for purchase at competitive prices through our vast branch network. Real Time also offers sim swap services and sim registration for the benefit of customers.

Data Products

Our strategic partnership with the Telecommunication sector is a sure way of offering internet connectivity at very low rates.

Mobile Money

This is MTN’s fast, safe and convenient way to send and receive money. Mobile money is affordable and could aid your money transfers across the country.


We are highly dependable. With our super agency status for all the TELCOs in Nigeria, we remain the best source of quick purchase and delivery of airtime.

Virtual TopUp and E-Recharge

RealTime is also engaged in the sale of recharge cards through virtual means. Our online sale of recharge cards in retail and bulk modules is revolutionary.

Laptops, Tablets,Phones and Accessories

We offer a wide range of laptops, tablets and smartphones to our diverse range of customers. Very durable accessories are also available at our shops.

Doing Business over 10 years of experience Logistics.


Branch Offices


Happy Customers



Providing Exceptional Services to our customers

You can be sure of our product, our purpose is to provide top quality and telecommunication equipment designed to meet your everyday personal and business activities.

We Are Creative & Professional

Our primary focus is to provide our customers with the specialized solutions they need to manage telecommunications services,with our creativity we lined up stunning products for our customers

Great Service to grow your business

With our product and services we grow your business,All of bodlink’s services and solutions are designed to fuel business progress.

We Are Always Improving

We never stop growing or improving, we are dynamic and we Continually restore goal-oriented growth strategies